Equine Acupuncture




Chiropractic manipulation for horses: 

Chiropractic manipulation uses a very gentle, almost imperceptible movement of the practitioner's hands to stimulate the body to correct the skeletal misalignment and to break down spasm. It is a valuable complement to horse acupuncture.

Misalignment of the spine and other parts of the skeletal system result in back pain and in the creation of abnormal stresses in different parts of the body, as a form of compensation. This gives rise to the possibility of further, more serious injury. For instance, we have never seen a case of tendon injury in the fore limb that has not been accompanied by pelvic misalignmment behind. How can we expect spavin, DJD, OCD, Arthritis and many other chronic, degenerative and often painful conditions respond to treatment, however good, if there is skeletal misalignment with consequent uneven stresses and strains?

We believe equine chiropractic treatment to be essential for the well-being of the ridden horse and for those horses used in driving or draught work. For instance, to see horses in tourist cities, asked to pull tourists around all day long despite a misaligned pelvis that could be simply corrected, is very distressing.
Furthermore, we believe that equine chiropractic manipulation is an essential component of equine acupuncture treatment. How can correct energy balance and circulation be restored if spinal misalignment is creating pain, spasm and blockage?

For more information on the subject of back work, back treatment and chiropractic manipulation, please visit: http://www.chiropractic-vet.co.uk 

Acupuncture for horses and acupuncture for ponies.
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